Harvard Art provides professional conservation of gilded objects, with particular expertise in period picture frames.

With over a quarter century of experience, Harvard Art is one of the nation’s premier gilding conservation studios. Led by accomplished gilder and conservator Susan B. Jackson, Harvard Art specializes in the time-honored and exceptionally delicate process of gilding, bringing out the original beauty of these objects through centuries-old gilding techniques and contemporary conservation practices. Gold leaf – gold that is pounded into incredibly thin sheets, 1,000 of which equal the thickness of a single dime – is a fragile and beautiful medium that, for millennia, has been used to cover, or gild, surfaces. If applied and cared for correctly, it can last for hundreds of years; if mishandled, it can be wiped away in mere seconds.

Harvard Art’s clients can be confident that their objects are in expert hands, as our conservators specialize in treating gilded objects. Harvard Art is entrusted with historical objects from the finest museums and collections in New England and beyond. Our company finds equal delight in working with individuals to take care of their art collections, family treasures, and objects of sentimental value.